A System that's built to grow

Work with a all-in-one payments platform that allows you to grow your business seamlessly. We always think about the future as we work on today. Experience payments like never before. | All Popular payments | Global integrations | Ease of settlement

Paytree Direct

Grow and Scale your business

Accept and process cards, PayPal, Mobile Money and direct transfers in a single, modern integration.

PCI-DSS compliance

Industry-leading security and tools to help prevent fraudulent transactions, manage data security, and streamline operations.

Robust reporting 

Receive the vital transaction insights you need to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Easy third-party integrations 

Plug into most popular enterprise platforms, analytics services, billing applications, and more.


Split and Transfer Received Payments 

Now easily split payments, make vendor pay-outs, manage marketplace money flow and much more through powerful APIs. Building a platform for cab drivers, electricians, handyman etc. Now manage the entire payment process digitally with complete control over when the transfers are made and settled.

Manage end-to-end payment flow as per your business use case

Connecting customers and sellers on your platform? Now split individual customer payments between multiple sellers with complete flexibility on how much to transfer, to whom and when to settle. Split payments between your agents, middle men or for commissions automatically. Automate how payments are settled between you and different partners.

Create Connected Ecommerce Experiences

Multi-channel, Enterprise ecommerce 

Enterprise ecommerce with the freedom to grow, adapt, and evolve Traditional enterprise ecommerce software is broken — costly builds, crashed sites, and infrastructure that burns through development resources. Mzizzi Plus gives you a multi-channel platform with unmatched scalability so you can grow your business, instead of worrying about your website.


Managed Delivery Platform

Mzizzi handles your ecommerce store deliveries, to help you grow

Payments solutions for enterprise businesses

Manage customer expectations. It's now a world of everywhere-commerce and payments are following suit. So how do you manage all payments and serve them equally? Look for someone that can see into the future and help you speed up and create value for every payment.

E-Commerce Solutions


Functional, flexible e-commerce solutions to meet every need. Whether you want a secure solution that is quick and easy to implement in your online store, or a fully integrated, customized solution that meets your specific needs.